Slate Run Farm


Alli and her Texel lambs at the Fauquier Fair.

Luke with one of our yearling rams, freshly shorn. They are Suffolk/Texel cross.

We raise our lambs on a mostly grass diet to finish in the Fall at a nice Market weight of around 100lbs. The ewes are Jacobs or Jacobs Cross, and the Sires are a meat breed such as Suffolk or Dorset. This gives us a lamb that is not only hardy but grows reasonably well, and finishes with a nice mild flavor.

In the Spring time the lambs grow fast! Some reach 40lbs at around 2 months of age and are ready for weaning. Lambs for breeding stock, or just to raise on your own are available at this time. Please call to determine availability.
703 594 3355

If you are interested in a naturally raised lamb, Give us a call. 
Packaging is extra and can be arranged.
703 594 3355
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