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We are a family run small farm providing naturally raised eggs, poultry, lamb, pork and dairy goat products.

Located in Rural 
Nokesville, Virginia
703 594 3355

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Above: Laverne and her litter of 7 pigs. Top: Going for a stroll in the yard...  Laverne just had her first litter of pigs November 5th. She was bred this July by Artificial Insemination. We thank the good folks from "Shaffers Gold Rush" for all their help in making this happen!


We had several Show wins from stock we sold this year! Even though, there are many worthy animals who we love, and are quite productive that never enter or win any shows.

Luke & Erik getting ready for the show ring May 5.

Erik working his hog at the 4H show & sale auction.

We quickly sold all our stock this year. Thank You for your support! Call if you are interested in any stock for next Spring. 703 594 3355

Can you Guess how this picture was made? Click on the image to find out!

 4Her's hard at work.  Read More

A wonderful book on goats and their place in modern agriculture, with a British perspective...

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