Slate Run Farm

For Sale

The winter is an exciting time down on the farm! We are expecting the baby lambs to arrive in mid February and our baby goaties are due to start arriving in mid March.  Please call if interested.
703 594 3355

Naturally raised milk-fed pork is a way we deal with all the excess milk our does produce. This year we sold 1/2 hogs at $2.25/lb live weight which converted to about $6.25/lb packaged. We're thrilled with the taste and quality of the meat. If you are interested please give us a call. 703 594 3355

Slate Run Farm Yarn

Naturally colored yarn from Jacobs and Jacobs cross sheep. 
2ply 68yds/oz 1088yds/lb. 
$10.50 for a 3oz+/- skein

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